• Who You Are

    You see the possibility for a better world. You have an idea for a new project, career or person you want to become. It lights you up when you dream about it or share it with others, and also terrifies you every time you take a step.


    When you've tried to put it aside, it doesn't let you go. You know it can't wait any longer.


    You've said yes, there's no turning back, and now you're ready for support to really cross the finish line.


    Welcome to living your life fully.

  • Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

    How Coaching Can Support You

    Train your brain: build your resilience & capacity

    While our phones get updated every few months, our brain has not been updated for millions of years. Our brains have developed a "negativity bias" that natually looks for threats before it sees opportunities. However, what has helped us survive is holding us back from thriving.

    Coaching gives you the chance to see when your brain naturally focuses on doubts or worries that distract you from taking action. Over a few months, you'll get the practice to build new neural pathways that allow you to act on what really matters to you.

    Turn breakdowns into breakthroughs

    What you've set out to do is a big deal. And that means you will face obstacles. Guaranteed.

    The good news is, you don't have to let an obstacle turn into a breakdown.


    Coaching gives you the tools to look at where you might have stopped in the past and find new ways to move forward. Just like building your muscles, practicing what you learn from your coaching sessions will not only help you prevent breakdowns, but learn to turn them into breakthroughs.

    Take purposeful action, get meaningful results

    Are you tired of your never-ending to-do list? When we lose the meaning of our work in the weeds of the tasks, we start to burn out.


    Coaching helps you reconnect with what's important to you and helps you take the small sweet steps that move towards massive and meaningful results. Practicing what you learn from coaching will help you turn from burnt out to lit up and reach your goals with clarity, focus, ease and grace.

  • Coaching with Yi

    We'll know more when we talk, but here's a little background about me.

    Yi Zhang

    Life Coach, Educator, Creative Rabble Rouser

    It is my vision to help you actualize yours. Our world needs more people who are living their lives with purpose and joy and courageously supporting our communities to thrive.


    I have been coaching since 2016, trained by Academy for Coaching Excellence and an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation. In addition, I bring over 10 years of experience as a changemaker, educator and facilitator as well as a lifelong love affair with all things creative*.

    I have supported clients in the U.S., Europe and Asia with everything from launching environmental campaigns to publishing writing projects, transitioning to more meaningful careers and building the structure for deeper self care.


    As your coach, you can count on me to be all in. I am a champion for you and your vision. I will celebrate with you, and I will also nudge you, because I believe in your goals and what you're capable of. I can’t wait to see you shine!



    *On the creative front, I believe that when we put our creativity on the back burner (which is all too easy to do), other aspects of our life also suffer. I have started a newsletter for rekindling our creative fire and you can sign up for your twice-a-month dose of creative rejuvenation here.

  • Investing in You

    My commitment is to guarantee you value from our time together. I believe in making coaching financially accessible while accounting for years of training and experience.


    My rates are on a sliding scale based on your level of access to financial resources (savings, expenses, outside support and fundraising ability). You don't have to disclose your income.

    I ask that you choose the tier that is a "stretch" but not a hardship.

    If coaching with me is not financially feasible at the moment, please refer to the Additional Resources section.

  • What Does Coaching with Me Look Like?

    Here’s a look at the process

    Getting Started

    You will fill out a short form to share about yourself and what you would like to get from coaching. I will email you to schedule a free 30-minute strategy call if I see that coaching could be useful for you.

    Our strategy session is my gift to you to look at what's possible with your life and work when you take things to the next level. We'll then design next steps and see if coaching together would support your goals.


    Coaching together typically looks like 50-minute calls twice a month for 6-12 months and starts anchored in 1-2 areas of your life that you'd like to transform.

    During our Sessions

    At our first session, we will start with a visioning exercise to help you clarify what you would love to accomplish and set clear goals for our work together that warm your heart.


    In following sessions, you will share updates and bring any challenges. I will help you observe patterns that have been holding you back and share tools for continued success. We'll also celebrate all the small successes leading to your big win.


    At the end of our 6-12 months, we'll review accomplishments, lessons learned and decide whether to complete our work or tackle a new goal.

  • Testimonials

    What clients say about working with me

    Iris Hu

    education entrepreneur & coach

    Yi helps me see where I usually stopped myself from trying things challenging and really empowers me to see what is truly important to me in my work and life. I can tell without her professional support, I would miss many opportunities to stretch myself and grow. She is always celebrating my small achievements along the way and encourages me to move forward fearlessly. I am very grateful to have Yi by my side as I live out my goals and dreams.

    Cecily V.

    Global community builder, Workshop Creator, Transformational Coach and Mentor

    I most value Yi's ability to help you pause the constant chatter in your mind--it is in that pause that she then helps you recognize that you have had enough of this constant self-sabotaging spiral and are ready to transport all the world serving/changing ideas conceived in your heart and head into actual reality. Her patient listening skills allows me to know I am being heard and her firm, but gentle guidance brings me back to deciding on what is the one next step t0 make my vision a reality. Yi is a coach who helps you reach not only your current destination but who inspires you cross over into newer and larger arenas. She is the best growth coach I have had the good fortune to work with.

    Ryan L.


    With Yi’s clear, compassionate, and insightful coaching, I was able to finally have a breakthrough on a writing project I was excited about but had been putting off for months. Yi helped me look more directly at what was holding me back and coached me to redirect my attention so I could focus on what really matters to me—contributing to my community. I am so grateful for Yi’s kind, playful, attentive coaching and highly recommend seeking support from them!

    Amie L.

    Rockwood Leadership Institute

    Yi’s thoughtful and grounded approach to coaching has transformed the way I connect to my purpose and power daily. She asked the hard questions I was afraid to ask myself, and never failed to follow up on the goals and task I committed to, knowing I needed the extra push.

  • You've already said yes to your vision

    Now let me say yes to supporting you.

  • Wisdom in Watercolor

    Lettered by yours truly, from "We Were Made for These Times" by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes